Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 3 BOGOF sale

Welcome to Week 3 of Eight Weeks of Giving, my 5th annual BOGOF painting deal.

 Here are the details. I post eight paintings each week for eight weeks. You get to choose 2 paintings for the price of 1 and shipping is included to the continental US. It is a sweet deal and folks wait all year for it.

 Check em out and let me know which ones you like. If you see one you love, let me know and I will save it for you until you pick your second one. They go fast.

 Here are the prices:

 2 - 7x7 for $260 and it includes shipping
 2 - 9x9 for $360
 2 - 11x9 for $465
 2 - 13x10 for $665
 2 - 13x13 for $765 this is less than last year
 2 - 14x14 for $965 this size is new for this year
 2 - 26x14 for $1465 this size is new for this year

Some frame sizes vary in width and depth and some are unframed. All framed ones are in black wood floater frames. So here are the paintings for Week 3.

Big Sky 9x9 Sold!
side view Sold!
This painting is acrylic even though it looks like watercolor. It is painted on Aquabord by Ampersand and there are metal particles mixed into the paint. It is framed in a black wood frame and the exact dimensions with the frame are 10.25x10.25x1. This painting plus another the same size are yours for $360 and that includes shipping! Contact me to make it yours.

Soul Window 9x9 Sold!
side view Sold!
This painting is made with Venetian plaster on panel. There are layers of plaster and color and even some metallic paste. The finish is satin soft and the exact frame dimensions are the same as the one above. You could have these two paintings for the price of one. $360. Contact me

Breakthrough 9x9
side view

This is the ultimate crackle painting. I have used four different types of crackle, collage and even sheer fabric is layered into this entertaining piece. It is acrylic on panel and framed in black wood floater frame. Exact dimensions are 10.25x10.25x1". You get 2 for $360! Contact me

Chaos Theory 11x9
side view

So many layers have gone into this painting that they will keep you looking and seeing new things for years to come. It is acrylic on wood panel and it has a satin sheen finish and is framed in a black wood floater frame. The exact dimensions are 12.25x10.25x1. It is $465 for 2 and that includes shipping. You may choose your other painting from any other weeks posting. When you see one you like though, let me know right away so I can save it for you. Contact me

Fine Tunes 13x13
side view

I made this painting as part of an online class that I filmed. Photos don't reveal all the intricate layers in this acrylic on panel painting. There are layers of crackle, music transfers and collage. The final sheen is a soft semi-gloss and it is framed in a deep wood frame. This painting, plus another of your choice is available for $765. This is lower than last year because I have made several this size while teaching this year. Your benefit, and it includes shipping. Wow!

Starry Night 13x13
side view

This is the companion piece to Fine Tunes. It is also mixed media acrylic on wood panel. The colors are relaxing and peaceful. The exact dimensions on both of these are 14.25x14.25x1.75". You can have both of these paintings for only $765 and that includes shipping. Contact me

Lunar Reflections 26x14
side view

This is a new larger size for this years special. I have used many layers of acrylic gels and pastes to create saturated and subtle colors. There is gold leaf and the finish has a wax-like soft acrylic finish. The exact dimensions are 26.25x14.25x1 and you may select this and the other similar sized painting for $1465 and that includes shipping. You are getting the second painting free. This only happens once a year, and this size is only happening this year so act soon to grab them for this incredible value. Contact me

Ancient Guides 26x14
side view with frame

This painting has rich color, touchable textures and aspects of realism. A little different for me, but it was fun to venture down that path. It is acrylic on panel and the finish has a soft wax-like sheen. This painting is the companion piece for the one above and they are the same dimensions. You can even go in with a friend to get both. I just did that for someone. They must be shipped to the same address, but you may get two paintings for the price of one. $1465 and that includes shipping. Contact me.

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