Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Week 2 for the 8 weeks of giving with Sandra Duran Wilson

 Welcome to the second Week for the BOGO Free Sale.

 This is my 5th year for the Eight Weeks of Giving, where I post eight paintings each week for eight weeks.

 You get to choose 2 paintings for the price of 1 and shipping is included to the continental US. It is a sweet deal and folks wait all year for it.

 Check em out and let me know which ones you like. If you see one you love, let me know and I will save it for you until you pick your second one. They go fast.

 Here are the prices:
 2 - 7x7 for $260 and it includes shipping
 2 - 9x9 for $360
 2 - 11x9 for $465
 2 - 13x10 for $665
 2 - 13x13 for $765 this is less than last year
 2 - 14x14 for $965 this size is new for this year
 2 - 26x14 for $1465 this size is new for this year

Some frame sizes vary in width and depth and some are unframed. All framed ones are in black wood floater frames. So here are the paintings for Week 2!

colorful landscape painting
Hawaiian Dreams 7x7x1.5
Hawaiian Dreams side view
This little gem was created for one of my monthly articles in Cloth Paper Scissors. It is really 3 paintings in 1. There is a painting on a wood panel and then there is a layer of cast acrylic that is painted on both sides and adhered on top of the wood panel. When you look through the layers you see all three painted layers. It is framed in a black floater frame and the finish on the painting is a semi-gloss finish. This painting is only $260 for 2 and that includes shipping! Contact me.

colorful acrylic, resin and abstract painting
Love Floats 7x7x1.5
Love Floats side view
This small painting, Love Floats, also has great depth but it is because of the resin finish. Resin accentuates the texture and depth, plus it has a very shiny finish like glass. Love Floats is acrylic on panel and it is framed in a black wood floater frame. This painting is also $260 for 2 and includes shipping.

collage, acrylic painting, trees, texture
Sacred Trees 9x9x1.5
side view with frame
Sacred Trees is a mixed media painting using acrylic mediums and collage to create rich texture. It is finished with one of my Faux Encaustic formulas, which is acrylic that only looks like wax. It is painted on wood panel and is framed in a black floater frame. It is $360 for 2 paintings and that includes shipping. Let me know if this one calls your name. Contact me

crackles, textures, colorful, abstract square painting
Mars Rising 9x9x1.5
Mars Rising side view with frame
This painting, Mars Rising, has both touchable texture from pastes and crackles and implied texture created from a gel transfer. I am a scientist and an artist and I love astronomy and physics. This painting reminds me of Mars and it is painted on a wood panel. It has a semi-gloss sheen and is framed in a black wood floater frame so all of the face is visible. It is only $360 for 2 paintings. Contact me to claim this one as yours.

collage, writing, patterns colorful painting
Dancing Veils 11x9x1.5
Dancing Veils side view with frame
This mixed media painting is from my fifth book, Acrylic Painting for Encaustic Effects. It has it all: textures, collage, transfers and resists. You will never tire of looking at this work because you will always discover something new. The painting is on wood panel, has a semi-gloss finish and is framed in a black floater frame, ready to hang. It is yours plus another one the same size for $465. Claim it

resin, textures and transfers
Eastern Gate 11x9x1.5 Sold!
Eastern Gate side view with frame Sold!
This painting has an interesting combination of materials. It is painted on wood with a crackle base finish. The acrylic layers incorporate metallic paints and transfers. A resin finish is poured n top which enhances the texture and gives it a glass-like shiny finish. It is framed in a black floater frame. It is $465 for 2 and includes shipping. Contact me

colrful mixed media collage painting
Song of the Seasons 11x9x2.5 Sold!
side view with frame Sold!
This painting, Song of the Seasons, is on panel has touchable textures, intriguing color combinations and a musical score collaged on top. It has a soft satin finish and an extra deep wood floater frame that can actually sit on a shelf. It is $465 for 2. Contact me

textures, abstract, layers painting, blues
In the Beginning 11x9x1.5

side view with frame
This is the week for textures. This painting has incredible texture and some very unique surfaces. It is painted on a wood panel and has textured Tyvek collaged on and some wonderful transfers that were created from chemical reactions. Remember I am a scientist and I love to experiment. This painting has a matte finish and is framed in a black floater frame. It is $465 for 2 with shipping. Contact me

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