Friday, November 25, 2016

The Annual BOGOF event begins now

Welcome to the my fifth annual Eight Weeks of Giving Event.

 The event is also known as Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) sale and it is going to be bigger and better because I am posting 8 paintings for 8 weeks and I am adding some larger paintings to the offerings.

 Here is how it works: I will post paintings each Sunday for 8 weeks. 

The posts run from Nov 20th until January 8th. You will have until Jan 15th to make your final selections.

 The prices are for 2 paintings and it includes shipping to the continental US. Check with me for shipping elsewhere. 

 This year the small painting prices have only gone up due to shipping increases and some of the larger painting sizes have actually gone down.

Here are the prices: Due to the low prices, I usually only take checks but we can do credit card payments for the addition of the 2.75% bank fee.

 2 - 7x7 for $260 and it includes shipping
 2 - 9x9 for $360 2 - 11x9 for $465
 2 - 13x10 for $665 2 - 13x13 for $765 this is less than last year
 2 - 14x14 for $965 this size is new for this year
 2 - 26x14 for $1465 this size is new for this year

Week 1 paintings
On the Horizon 9x9x1.5

On the Horizon side view with frame

This colorful painting has many subtle layers that peek out from the top layers. The finish is a soft satin like wax and the collage elements appear to float, giving them depth and dimension. This acrylic on wood panel painting is 9x9x1.5 and is available for $360.
Contact me to reserve this painting.

Fantasy 7x7x1.5

side view with frame

I created this painting for my monthly article in Cloth Paper Scissors. It is from the Go With the Flow article and it makes acrylic look like wax. There are many layers and a soft encaustic like finish. This acrylic on wood panel is available for $260 for 2 including shipping. Contact me to add this one to your list.

Crossing Hemispheres 7x7x1.5

side view with frame

Here is another small painting that was made for my 5th book, Acrylic Painting for Encaustic Effects. This gem has so much going on that it will keep you intrigued for a very long time. It only looks like wax, it is all acrylic on wood panel. It is only $260 for 2 and it includes shipping. Contact me

Poco a Poco 9x9x1.5

side view with frame
Add a little music to your art. When I listen to music I see colors; this is known as Synesthesia. Here is a little number for you. This one also has a soft satin like finish that glows like wax, but it is acrylic on wood panel. Let me know if this one is calling you. It is $360 for two. Contact me

Sold Aurora 11x9x1.5

Sold side view with black floater frame

I have been lucky to have seen the Northern Lights and this painting was inspired by them. There is depth and texture from acrylic pastes and mediums and the colors just glow! This acrylic on wood panel is $465 for 2 and it includes shipping. Contact me

Sold Song Clouds 11x9x1.5

Sold side view with black floater frame

More music, sounds, words and frequencies. I love the spontaneous flow of this piece. Can you hear the music? It will soothe your soul and touch your heart. This acrylic on panel is one of the 2 for $465. What a deal! Let me know.

Ring Tone 14x14x1.75 on canvas

side view
This is one of the new sizes I am including this year. It is also on stretched canvas and the painting carries around the edge so there is no need to frame it. This mixed media piece incorporates everything from textiles to crackles. It has a soft finish and incredible textures. It is ready to hang and this new size is only $950 for 2 and includes shipping. Contact me

Top of the World 14x14x1.75 on canvas

side view, painting wraps around the edge

I made this painting for an article I wrote for Acrylic Artist magazine this year. These colors really glow in person because I have incorporated iridescent and interference paints. This is another painting influenced by the Northern Lights. You can get both of these 14x14 paintings for $950 and that includes shipping. This is the first time  this size is offered for the sale. Contact me
So now we have the first eight. Stay tuned and I will post 8 each week. Remember is you see something you want contact me Right Away to save it because they do sometimes go fast. You may wait to select your subsequent paintings. Have fun and enjoy.

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