Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 8 BOGO 2016 and bonus post too! With Sandra Duran Wilson

Well here is the final week for the 8 weeks of giving. I am going to post some extra paintings for the final week and give you until January 21st. You have until then to get your selections in and after that the paintings return to regular prices.

So here is how it works: Select ones you love; you may choose from any week. If you see one you like, let me know and I will save it until you find your second painting. They go fast! When you have made all of your selections, send me a check and I send you the paintings. If you need another form of payment contact me for options.

Here are the prices. Remember this is the price for 2 paintings including shipping to the continental US. These are the lowest prices and collectors wait all year for this opportunity. Claim yours now and don't miss out! The sale ends January 21st.

 2 - 7x7 for $260 and it includes shipping

 2 - 9x9 for $360

 2 - 11x9 for $465

 2 - 12x9 for $665-these are cradled, no frames

 2 - 13x10 for $665 2 - 13x13 for $765 this is less than last year

2 - 14x14 for $965 this size is new for this year

2 - 26x14 for $1465 this size is new for this year

Some frame sizes vary in width and depth, and some are unframed. All framed ones are in black wood floater frames.
Here are the paintings for WEEK 8 including bonus paintings. Contact me with your selections.

alternative art surfaces

Memories 13x10x1.5
Memories-side view

This painting was created for my fourth book, Alternative Surfaces. The painted and embossed panels were made on Styrofoam and embedded into the panel. The finish is a beautiful soft wax-like finish and it is framed in a black wood floater frame. This size is $665 for 2 and that includes shipping.

plaster, glass and collage

A Wrinkle in Time 13x10x1.5"
A Wrinkle in Time - side view

This painting was made for my book, Acrylic Painting for Encaustic Effects. It has plaster, glass beads and collage with beautiful texture and depth. It is painted on a wood panel and framed in a black wood floater frame and it is $665 for 2 including shipping. Contact me.

abstract, layers, colorful and texture

Gateway 14x14x1.5
Gateway - side view

This painting is on gallery wrapped canvas and it is painted around the edges. There is amazing texture and depth in this painting as I created layer on top of layer and then sanded it back to reveal the underlying layers. It is $965 for 2. Contact me.

gold leaf painting

Light the Way 14x14x1.5

Light the Way - side view

This acrylic on canvas is painted on top of gold leaf so the painting really glows. The imagery wraps around the edge. It is $965 for 2 and includes shipping. Contact me.

faux encaustic, nature, florals

Nature's Song

Nature's Song - side view

This is another painting from my fifth book and it really does look like wax even though it is all acrylic. There is a layer of Dura-lar on top that is painted on both sides, so there is tremendous depth. This painting is on a wood panel and framed in a black wood floater frame. It is $360 for 2.

galaxy painting, space and colrful

Shooting Stars 9x9x1.5

Shooting Stars - side view

This little painting is part of my galaxy series. It has interference paints that really glow and change colors when viewed from different angles. It is painted on panel and has a shiny finish. It is $360 for 2 and includes shipping. Contact me.

Space painting, stars, nebula

Southern Stars 7x7x1.5

Southern Stars - side view

Here is another galactic painting on panel. It has beautiful texture from black glass particles and silver stars. It is framed in a black floater frame and is available for $260 for 2. Contact me.

textures, crackles and resin

Above-Below 7x7x1.5

Above-Below - side view

Another little galactic gem. This acrylic on panel has loads of texture including crackles and it has a high gloss glass-like resin finish which accentuates the texture. It is only $260 for 2. Contact me.

Here are some bonus paintings too!

resin, paper and stitching

Echo 7x7x1.5

Echo-side view

This painting on panel has papers that are stitched and embedded with resin. The finish is glass-like. Note the frame sizes. It is only $260 for 2.

resin, paper, collage

Vibrations 7.5x7.5x1.5

Vibrations-side view

This painting is a companion to Echo even though the frames are a slightly different size. It is also acrylic on panel and has a glass-like resin finish. It is only $260 for 2. What a great gift for you and someone else too!

faux encaustic

Hot Stuff 9.5x7.5x.75" (same price as 7x7)

Hot Stuff-side view

This little gem was made for my fifth book and it really does look like wax. In fact it had shellac put on top and then set on fire. Then I covered the it with layers of gel and paint. It is on panel and it is only $260 for 2. Contact me.

faux encaustic

Canyonlands 9.5x7.5x.75" (same price as 7x7)

Canyonlands-side view

Canyonlands was created in a similar fashion as Hot Stuff but it doesn't have gel layers on top of the shellac burn. It is only $260 for 2 and includes shipping.

copper, acrylic and fabric

Lotus 11.5x9.5x1.25"

Lotus-side view

Lotus is a beautiful copper painting that incorporates fabric, crackles and transfers. It has a soft satin sheen, It is on panel and framed in a black wood floater frame. It is $465 for 2. Contact me.

layers of resin painting

The Keys to Life 11x9x1.5"

The Keys to Life-side view

This acrylic on panel painting also has resin painting on top. It has a glass-like resin finish and it is only $465 for 2.

gels and mediums layers of acrylic

Infinity 11x9x2.5

Infinity-side view

This painting has texture and depth that you can dive into. You may have seen it in one of my books. It is framed in a really deep black wood floater frame and it can even sit on a shelf. It is only $465 for 2 and includes shipping. Contact me.

faux encaustic

Sometimes Things Are Not As They Appear 11x9x1.5"

side view

This painting looks like encaustic wax but it is all acrylic. I made this painting for my fifth book, Acrylic Painting for Encaustic Effects. They are so many layers and even the edges have a deckle edge like you get with wax. This painting is $465 for 2. Contact me.
I hope you have enjoyed this years selections. You have until January 21st to make your final selections. Happy New Year. Peace-Sandra

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